Test Report For Parents

Hello and welcome to EduBrisk.

EduBrisk is an endeavor to help students meet their potential. This is done through scientifically backed teaching and learning techniques. As a Parent, you too are an important stakeholder in our mission.

To review your child’s performance and effort in Class Tests, EduBrisk offers the Test Report feature. First, log-in to EduBrisk using your parent account credentials. From the left hand panel, select the option titled “ Reports “ and select “ Test Reports. You can now see the tests your child has taken.

EduBrisk encourages you to review them. This may be accomplished by selecting a particular test and clicking on “Test Analyzer”. You can now see a detailed overview of the test. You may also click on the “Check your Answers” button to see a question by question breakdown of the test. Although this report is available online, you may also save it offline for later review or printing.

EduBrisk hopes that you will encourage and motivate your children to push their envelope.

From all of us at EduBrisk.com, Good Day!