How to Take a Test

Hello EduLearners

Taking a test is a good way to review what you have understood and where you need guidance. It helps you to track your progress, your teachers to cater for you individually, and your parents to feel proud of your efforts. There are a couple of different ways to take tests on EduBrisk

Step 1

After Logging in to your EduBrisk account, select the shelf you want to be tested on, from the Study Room. Now, Select the Book and Chapter you want to attempt. From the pop-up navigation panel on the right, select either Diagnostic Test or Assessment Test. ( this can be found under the “Test” subtopic) You will now see a screen with the words “Take the ________ Test” which is actually a link. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to the test window.

Step 2

Log in to your EduBrisk account. From the Left Hand Navigation Panel, select Test Modules and then “Take Test”. You can now select the package you want to be tested on. Depending on how you wanted to be tested, you may select a Book Level test or a Chapter Level Test. This screen gives you a compilation of all the qualified tests, for your pre Exam Revisions.

From all of us at, Happy Learning.