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In the vast bag of Industry differentiating features offered by EduBrisk, the most basic yet effective feature is that of Note Making. This post will show you just how you can be adding custom notes for personalised learning in no time.

These features will help you identify weak students and the areas where they lack. Happy Teaching

For Teachers

Adding Notes by Teachers is a very good way to assign homework and worksheets to students. Teachers can also use this feature to provide study resources and aids to augment learning.

Log-in to your Teacher’s account and access your Study Room. Open the relevant book and chapter. Now, click on the Topic/ Subtopic on which you want to add a teaching/ personal note. Once the relevant subtopic is selected, you will be able to see various buttons on the top right as shown in the Picture below. Click on the Illuminated Bulb which is titled as “Add note”. Now, you can add the note. EduBrisk offers several formatting options available in any word processor. You may choose to add links or pictures as learning aids. All notes are to be categorised either as Personal Notes or as Memory Techniques. Click on Save. Once you are done, you may Share it. Various Share options are available:

Suggested Uses for Teachers
  1. 1. Record a class and post the link for student to watch & replay
  2. 2. Post assignments and home-work