Test Creator

Hello and welcome to EduBrisk.

Let us see how you, as a teacher, can create tests using the EduBrisk Platform. After logging in, from the navigation bar on the left, select the third option titled “Test Module”

From the extended pop up menu on the left select “ Test Creator”. You will now be able to see all the tests that you have created in the past. On the top right corner, select “ Add New Test”.

Creating a Test on our platform is a simple but engaging task. Select the curriculum (Package) for the desired test. Now select the Book and the Chapter Below you will be able to filter the type of questions you want to include. You may select the EduBrisk Question Bank or your own list Further you can select the cognitive area that you would like to assess. Moreover you can select from various types of questions like objective or subjective. Additionally, EduBrisk allows you to select the difficulty of the test. You can also ask for previous year board examination questions to be included in your test.

Once you click “ Get the Questions” you will have a list of qualified questions based on your search criteria. You can select the questions you wish to be included in the test. The selected questions appear on the right.

Side note: At this point, you will be able to make your own questions too if you so desire. Simply click the “ Create New Question” and get started. Enter your question, select its category and input the answer. You are ready to go!

Enter the Duration of the Test and The Test Name. Click Save.

You can now customize the test for your requirement by entering the Question Paper Code, the Subject Name, the Grade and Division you wish to administer the test to and the Date of the Test. You can also share some Instructions for your students by writing in the General Instructions tab.