Publishing a Test in Add Note

Hello teachers,

Welcome. Let us say that you have created a test that you want the students to take. In this post, we are going to see how you can do that in a few simple steps

After logging into your EduBrisk account, select “Test Module” from the left hand panel and then select “Test Creator”. You will now be able to see a list of all the tests that you have created. You should view our section on Test Creating.

Select the test you want to share. From the top right corner of the popped up window, select the Printer Icon. In the print preview option, select “save as PDF” and click “Print” to save the test into the desired location on your desktop.

Now go to the study room and select the relevant book and chapter on which the test is based.

Click on the Test subtopic and Click on the “add note” button. This button looks like an illuminated bulb. Now Simply add the relevant instructions for your students like your expectations from the test, the time duration and submission time etc. Attach the downloaded PDF from section 1 to the Note. After you create a note, you will be asked to share it. In this particular instance, you may opt to share it with “My Class Room” and select the relevant class.

Happy Teaching