Forgot Password

Hello EduLearners

Losing your password can happen at any time and we at EduBrisk are no strangers to it. This is why we made changing your password or resetting your password on EduBrisk a very simple process.

Note:  You will need to access the email account associated with your EduBrisk account for this method. If you are unable to access your email inbox, contact your school administrator.

Go to the login page on You need to click on the “Forgot Password” hyperlink. Enter the email id associated with your EduBrisk account and click “ Reset Password”. An email containing your reset link would have reached your inbox. Just click the link and set a new and memorable password of your choice.

You will now be able to login to your account using this new password.

Make sure you don’t forget your password now as you can only reset your password for a total of 1 time. Just kidding ;). You can reset your password as many times as you like

From all of us at, Happy Learning.